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We all need a little help sometimes. With the right approach positive change can happen fast

How can weight management hypnotherapy help you?

At some point in our lives most of us will experience negative thoughts, feelings and dissatisfaction with our body shape or size, this goes for Women and Men!! Weight issues do not discriminate.
Why wait for that 'Monday Morning' that never comes?, or 1st of January, new year new me! We're all guilty of telling ourselves we'll start on Monday  only to start and fail by midday or the evening. Or we wait for that perfect time, but when is the right time?  Are you and emotional eater? Do you eat in stressful times, or do you eat out of boredom? Or do you eat your emotions away when you are feeling low? Norfolk Clinic can help you START TODAY! Invest in a healthier, happier you and be more body positive!
Is there a particular food you crave? We can help. Losing weight doesn't have to be the same, challenging journey you've always faced. Hypnotherapy helps change how you feel about what you eat and your thinking patterns, gaining control over your cravings in a more sustainable and healthy way that doesn't feel like another diet! The aim of Hypnotherapy for Weight Management is to help you be more body positive, feeling more comfortable and confident in your own body, changing your negative thoughts around eating. Hypnotherapy can help you do this without feeling distressed about losing weight!

Relax in a warm comfortable environment and lose weight. In just one session you can learn to cut down and cut out and control your eating habits.
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"Felt happy for a week after first treatment, rather than feeling down. Also able to refuse chocolate. Looking forward to the next week to put into practice more weight reducing strategies" (August 2011)

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