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Smoking Cessation Therapy

Relax in a warm and comfortable environment

Smoking Cessation Therapy

How can Hypnotherapy help you quit smoking?

At Norfolk Clinic we offer sessions of Smoking Cessation Therapy to people from Sunderland, Washington, Newcastle, Durham and South Shields. Hypnotherapy is a highly successful way of giving up smoking and it enables you to visualise your life as a non-smoker which can leave you feeling positive and empowered.

Sessions of Smoking Cessation Therapy are tailored to each individual client, as we all have our own unique reasons why we would like to QUIT! The session is 1 hour - fee £90. Most people are able to give up smoking in one session, providing there are no major stressors or anxieties contributing to the smoking habit. If you require a second session the fee is half price at £45.

How many reasons do you need to kick your smoking habit?

Do you always give yourself excuses of why you can't quit today? Why not start listing the reasons why YOU WANT TO QUIT and kick the habit TODAY!!!! The only person who is stopping You is You!!

Here are some reasons you may want to kick the habit:

Is it for a lifestyle change to become fitter and healthier for yourself?

Or for a little more financial freedom and invest the money in treating yourself?

Would you like to be rid of the odour that often lingers after smoking a cigarette?

Or is it simply for social acceptance amongst your friends and family?

Are these reasons similar to yours? Or do you have other reasons to STOP SMOKING! Let us know, If this sounds like you, why not put those thoughts into action and book and appointment with us TODAY so we can finally help you kick the smoking habit!

Call us on 0191 5102228. Alternatively, request an appointment via the Contact Us page

Smoking Cessation Therapy Fees

Session Fee: £90 (Click Here to Complete Payment)

Follow up Session Fee: £45 (Click Here to Complete Payment)

*Please note session fees are paid in advance to secure appointment.





Session fee £90.00

or 2nd Session £45

"I have been a smoker for 54 years (the mind boggles). After my visit to you 7/8 weeks ago, there has been no inclination to pick up and light the dreaded weed. I can't thank you enough - Already I am better in health and temper". 

Dorothy B

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