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Couples Counselling-Relationship Solutions

Here at Norfolk Clinic we are focused on a high-quality service and customer satisfaction. All relationships have there ups and downs, often we get stuck and find it difficult to talk to each other to find a solution. Couples counselling can make all the difference giving you a safe environment to explore your feelings and get support in moving forward to a positive outcome.

How does couples counselling work?

Couples counselling usually lasts 60 minutes and is confidential, the number ad frequency of sessions depends on your own needs. You can discuss this at any time with your counsellor. In couples counselling you will:

1) Learn how to accept ourselves for all our perceived faults and weaknesses.

2) Develop more insight into our own thoughts and emotions and how we view our world in order to understand them more clearly.

3) Recognize and change our irrational beliefs and behaviours.

4) Gain more understanding into causes of emotional disturbances, and how to cope effectively.

5) Learn “relationship skills” and how to relate more effectively with those with whom we are closest.

6) Recognize and adapt damaging or self-defeating behaviour patterns.

7) Learn ways to understand and control our behaviour.

8) Find solutions to problems which would have previously “overpowered” us.

We employ treatments such as Person Centred Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Couples Therapy, Psychoanalytical Therapy.                                                                                              

Counselling Consultation  and session fee £75

Click here to request an appointment or give us a call on 0191 5102228

Theresa Smith, MBPsS ,

BSc (Hons) Psychology

PGDip Counselling Psychology

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