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We all need a little help sometimes. With the right approach positive change can happen fast

Counselling and Hypnotherapy is effective in helping an individual bring about desired change.  This change may be in the form of unwanted thoughts and / or behaviour. At Norfolk Clinic we aim to provide a high quality service and place customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do. Here are some testimonials from clients that have used our services over the last 29 years!

Counselling and Hypnotherapy
What People Say:

"Theresa is extremely calming from the off and considering I was extremely sceptical whether this was going to work for me well I was wrong learnt more about myself in an hour than I have for the past 49 years and I know Theresa is going to help me sort myself out can’t wait for my next appointment. "(April 2019)
"Having being very sceptical at first about how beneficial I would find this treatment I have to say I have been fully converted. After my initial meeting myself and Theresa discussed what I was looking for and hoping to achieve. Pleased to say that has surpassed my expectations , I would highly recommend " (April 2019)
"Couldn’t recommend Teresa enough! I had tried counselling previously, but I never seemed to be able to move my-life forward.Teresa has helped me change no bounds. Her help and support has really enabled me to get things back on track. Her welcoming approach really helps me to come out of my comfort zone and address the issues that were weighing me down."  (April 2019)
"Working with Theresa has changed things so much for me - I only wish I’d done so sooner. Our sessions have had such a positive impact and I can’t recommend the Norfolk Clinic highly enough. Thank you"(January 2019)
"I have found my treatment extremely effective. Day on day I have been calmer and more motivated than I have been in a long time. " (July 2018)
"Theresa is lovely and puts you at ease. Calm and relaxing space too"
(June 18)
"Theresa is an absolutely outstanding therapist- she has helped me achieve my goals in a relatively short space of time!" (February 18)
"Theresa is an absolutely amazing therapist. I really can't thank her enough. Theresa has changed my life in more ways than I ever could imagine! By far the best money I have ever spent!!! You really can't put a price on your own happiness!" (January 18)
"Wahoo we did it, 1000% improvement" WB Aug 2017.
"A Life-Line's thrown in the counsellor's room; someone who will listen; someone who will understand; someone non-judgemental, supportive and caring until you finally find your bearing." Leslie, 2010
"I went to Teresa with a problem that I felt had become so huge in my life I couldn't bear it anymore and was struggling with day to day activities. Teresa helped me get part of the old me back and feeling what I felt was normal again. I couldn't thank her enough, she has given me my life back." ( August 2016)


"I now feel much more confident within myself and much less nervous - I have noticed these changes over the last couple of months.  I feel 100% improvement. (Anon)
"The lady was lovely and i will definitley be returning. Easy to talk to. would recommended to any one". (August 2011)

Teresa has helped with my elderly father who was suffering from restlessness and vivid dreams of the past.  The therapy has helped him have more restful nights and not so much confusion on waking. Mrs. V.C. (December 2014).

I presented Theresa with a problem that was interfering with my enjoyment of life.  I was listened to with sympathy and taking Theresa's advise I noticed an improvement after the very first session.  Now, after sessions have ended, I feel as though my life is back on track  thanks to Theresa. John R (October 2014)

I would like to share a few lines from a poem a very dear client wrote last year (June 2010):

"Why am I here? Why am I there? Amidst these lonely depths of despair. Does anyone care?

A Life-Line's thrown in the counsellor's room; someone who will listen; someone who will understand; someone non-judgemental, supportive and caring until you finally find your bearing." Leslie S


"I feel stronger because of your support.  I now realize that I haven't been in control of my own life for a long time, if ever, and that is my starting point.  It felt like a great release to be able to talk to you and feel like you were there for me, regardless of what I said." Catherine


"How can I begin the express what therapy has done for me.  Before I met you I was mentally and emotionally ill.  I was on a lot of medication and the doses were getting stronger and stronger.  After the first few sessions I felt a change in the way I was thinking.  I've gone from strength to stgrength and now I am happy I can go where I want and do anything I want without feeling the way I did in the past." Barry F


Followinhg a work related injury on 22.11.99 I lost the sight in my left eye.  the pain experienced was intolerable, even with medicaiton, to the extent that I had no quality of life.  After the first session of hypnotherapy I wasn't hopeful of achieving any great relief, however two days later I had a second treatment and never looked back.  I experienced comfort in my eye for the first time, which allowed me to work and even socialize.  I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone experiencing pain.


"thank you for your help in building my confidence up and my self esteem.  I can now walk into a room and give a talk, this will also be a part of my new job. I will continue to build on what I have leant from you."


"I now feel much more confident within myself and much less nervous - I have noticed these changes over the last couple of months.  I feel 100% improvement."


"Only drinking once a week and the stress, well thats gone; chilled now, like a different person. Should've done this a long time ago. X x x (July 2012)


                "U have worked wonders! Havn't bitten nails you can see white tips". Lol (July 2012)


"Thank you for the help you gave me to pass my driving test. I was so wound up and nervous that I had almost given up bothering to take the test. Your treatment calmed me down no end and gave me the confidence to go ahead." S.W


"Thank you for helping me get over my fear of the Dentist.  After being so frightened to go you gave me the confidence to do it.  I've been three times now".

Psychological Assessments and Interpretive Reports

What people say:

"I really can't recommend Theresa and Norfolk Clinic enough!  I was so apprehensive about completing a psychological assessment, however Theresa put me at ease. Upon completion Theresa spent time going over the report and answered any questions or concerns I had. I can't thank her enough for that as I was so terrified of reading the report, although I needn't have been. The professional report I received was excellent, easy to read and understand, and helped me to understand myself better, confirming things that I'd always thought at the back of my mind. Seeing everything written down made more sense to me than ever before and helped me to accept that I needed more support to move forward. Without Theresa's help and support I wouldn't have had the confidence to seek further specialist help, whom also commented upon how excellent the report was! Thank you so much!"  (October 2018)

"I worked with Theresa over several months and the report which she provided me with has been invaluable. Information from assessments and Theresa's interpretation of my profile has been such an important reference point for me, all of which is included in an extremely comprehensive (and accurate) report. An important part of the process and my journey." (June 2018)

Smoking Cessation

What people say:

"That's me not smoked for over 2 weeks couldn't of done it without you ! Thanks"

(July 2018)


"I have been a smoker for 54 years (the mind boggles). After my visit t you 7/8 weeks ago, there has been no inclination to pick up and light the dreaded weed.  I can't thank you enough - Already I am better in health and temper". Dorothy B


"Although I enjoyed smoking and didn't really want to stop I came along and was told it may take more than one session because I enjoyed smoking so much.  After the session (which I enjoyed and found relaxing) I no longer wanted a cigarette and haven't wanted one since.  I found it 100% successful". Tony B

Weight Control

What people say:

"In total shock! Lost 2lb since last week" (August 2015)

"Lost another 1.5lb. Reached 3stone 2lb and back into size 12" (June 2015)

"Hi. Book me in again. Lost another 5lb since I saw u last" Helen P (July 2012)

"Just to let you know I've lost 13lb in 4 weeks since seeing you last. Woo hoo. Ah I feel great as well".( May 2012)

"Felt happy for a week after first treatment, rather than feeling down. Also able to refuse chocolate..Looking forward to the next week to put into practice more weight reducing strategies" (August 2011)