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Helping employees mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, let's get talking

Are you open with your employees about mental health in the workplace? Do you as an employee feel you can be open and honest about how you are feeling with HR or fellow work colleagues? Do you know where to access and get the right support? HeadsTogether recently found that only 2% of employees are open about their mental health with HR in the workplace, this needs to change. Mental health is just as important as physical health, did you know that 1 in 6 British workers suffer from mental health problems? In 2016/17 it was found that a staggering 12.5 million working days on average 20+ days per employee are lost per year due to work related stress, depression and anxiety! Mental health costs businesses across the UK on average 35 billion per year! It is easy to change this problem by talking more about mental health in the workplace and having the right support available for your employees. Employees have two main concerns about being open regarding their mental health in the work place: They feel that they will be discriminated against if they open up about their mental health. The often feel that employers will see them as weak and incapable of doing their job. If we are more open and honest about mental health, employees will be more confident to come forward and talk about it and seek help for their problems and access the right support. Mental health doesn't just impact employees happiness it also has a big impact upon you the employer as a whole as productivity and effectiveness are also impacted if employees are unhappy or stressed at work. The more mental health is talked about the more employees fears and worries will decrease and they won???t fear being penalised for how they feel. Something so simple like asking how employees are could have a positive impact upon the lives of those suffering and help create a more congenial workplace. How can we help you to support your employees mental health better in the work place? What do you currently offer your employees in terms of support for their mental health and wellbeing? Here at Norfolk Clinic we can help both you as an employer and your employees through offering Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), letting your employees know where they can access support and feel supported by you. So what can you expect from an EAP from us at Norfolk Clinic? We can assess employees and formulate the right treatment plan and interventions for them. Offer counselling to employees and other treatments such as hypnotherapy r relaxation therapy. We also if required can offer a Psychological Assessment Tests, providing personality profiles and in-depth professional reports to help employers understand what an individual employee is dealing with and also provide a greater understanding of their problems. Tests can be completed the employees own time and in the comfort of their own environment via our Gold Standard web based platform. This is completely secure, confidential and affordable. Within 48hours an in-depth report will be sent which will include treatments and interventions that can be made to help the employee. Counselling and therapeutic interventions can be accessed at our centre. We aid in phased return to work and help lower absenteeism in the workplace, which will then have a positive impact upon employees effectiveness and productivity to work and help your business as a whole. Why let your employees suffer longer by being left on a long waiting list, usually around 2 months+ for talking therapies and support, when we aim to get employees seen within one to two weeks. We try our best to get people seen as quickly as possible as we know how waiting lists can have a detrimental impact upon client mental health and wellbeing. Why not let us help both them and you! At Norfolk Clinic we pride ourselves on offering a high quality service and place customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do. We recognise people need to feel supported and feel they are getting the right help that they need. We have over 28 years experience in mental health with an extensive and diverse knowledge of mental health problems. Our motto is; "We all need a little help sometimes. With the right approach change can happen fast." So why not let us help support you and your employees and work better together! If this sounds like something you are interested in for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us today on 0191 5102228 or email us at You can also find more information about our work and the services we have to offer on our website you can also contact us through our website! You can also connect with us on Social Media: Facebook: @norfolkclinic1990 Twitter: @norfolkclinic Instagram: @norfolkclinic LinkedIn: WordPress: (You can follow our blog via wordpress also) We look forward to hearing from you! Theresa Smith MBPsS BSc (Hons) Counselling Psychologist Norfolk Clinic

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